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5 Responses to “Liejacker”

  • Mr. R. C. Neil:

    Review by Mr. R. C. Neil for Liejacker
    Helped along with a few friends including Joan Baez, Erin Mckeown and Waterboy Steve Wickham, Thea has created an album of sparse beauty. The opening track “Old Soul” gives more than a slight nod to The Waterboys “Strange Boat” and sets the mood perfectly for an album full of heartfelt songs and sheer emotion. I dare anyone to listen to “Slow Journey” and not to be moved. Two strong contenders for song of the year can be found in “When I Get Back To Shore” and “The Lower Road”. Maybe the bonus track of “You Spin Me Right Round” is not everyones cup of tea but you can easily forgive her for the twelve tracks of true brilliance that go before.

  • Essex Gooner:

    Review by Essex Gooner for Liejacker
    Having seen her at Norwich recently this girl is truly amazing. Liejacker should be a number 1 album, the single old soul should have charted top 10 and the track “roll on” should be her black horse & cherry tree. Such a talented singer songwriter. I can only feel sorry for those who haven’t yet discovered her. If you only buy one album this year make it this one, you won’t be disappointed

  • Ann L:

    Review by Ann L for Liejacker
    Took a couple of listens to get into Liejacker but now I’m hooked. Is there no limit to Thea’s talent?

    Brilliant on CD but to see her perform live is unforgetable – she engages with the audience, she’s witty, personable, rude too! – she made us laugh, then she tugged at the heart strings with her next song. One amazing lady.

  • time I had some time alone:

    Review by time I had some time alone for Liejacker
    Thea’s new record has been preceded by some difficult times, and it has to be said this is a slower, more downbeat album than its predecessors. However, the space Thea creates reveals some beautiful melodies and Thea’s finest singing to date on standout tracks like “Dance in New York”.

    It seems Thea Gilmore is destined always to be one of those artists who is highly rated by the music press and adored by her fans but never makes the breakthrough to the mass market. In some ways she reminds me of Richard Thompson- and there can be no finer praise- in her rather sardonic, downbeat lyrics, although Thea’s songs are rooted in a more modern age.

    Liejacker is a mature collection of excellent songs. Its quietness and slow pace may not be the place for newcomers to start. Welcome one and all to the UK’s finest singer/songwriter, but I would suggest first trying Avalanche’s varied textures and brilliant songwriting. However, Liejacker is highly recommended. And at the end, it would be a hard heart that wasn’t lifted by the superb version of “You spin me right round” that closes the album.

  • Greville Rob:

    Review by Greville Rob for Liejacker
    The ingenue waif gives way to the woman of experience, the writing records more fact and less intimation and thus ‘Liejacker’ (a reference to the truth-skewing culture of spin) is Thea Gilmore’s most personal work to date. Some soul-baring here, depression-prompted by the up of the birth of the first child, the down of the split with a long-standing manager and the loss of a record company, yet the cold and maudlin beauty of langourous ‘Icarus Wind’ and the scab scratchy ‘And You Shall No Other God But Me’ defy the black dog by signing some hope and redemption ahead. Lighter touches in catchy-chorused ‘You Spin Me Right Round’ and a ceilidh in ‘When I get Back To The Shore’ regain a collective balance here, and the excellent US and UK-sourced production work and playing (guests include fans as diverse as The Zutons’ Dave McCabe and Joan Baez) lift this collection to that level where you are back wondering, when will that Thea Gilmore be a star? She has the edge.

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