Burning Dorothy

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One Response to “Burning Dorothy”

  • Max Quad:

    Review by Max Quad for Burning Dorothy
    I first heard Thea on Ken Bruce’s Radio 2 morning show when he played ‘This Girl is Taking Bets’ from ‘Rules for Jokers’, and it made me stop what I was doing and listen. After the track I did a websearch, saw she was touring, and travelled to see her at Oxford’s old Zodiac venue. I’ve never been so impressed and subsequently sought out and bought all her CDs. Thea is something of an enigma; she ought to be massive but remains a cult hero, although her following is large and loyal. I’ve seen her on all her subsequent tours and got to talk to her at South Hill Park in Bracknell when she performed an acoustic set soon after her baby was born. She’s both charming and approachable and not as ‘sinister’ as her various photographs seem to suggest. This, her debut album, contains material that not only impresses but suggests an insight and talent few can match. My all time favourite is ‘Pontiac To A Home Girl’, not a track she plays, sadly, at current gigs (I have asked her about this!). If you can get to see her, do. In the meantime, get this album and give it time.