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5 Responses to “Avalanche”

  • Anonymous:

    Review by for Avalanche
    Why bother recycling the superlatives – Thea Gilmore is clearly head and shoulders above her contemporaries. You could say I was swept along in the muted hype of internet and newspaper articles, but I have no post-purchase regrets whatsoever. This album is superbly crafted – both lyrically and musically – and yet in my opinion it isn’t even Thea’s finest hour. I’ve since discovered her earlier work. This girl is a prolific wordsmith and still maintains consistently high standards in her songwriting; it really is quite incredible.There are minor criticisms – her vocal range could benefit from a little more flexibility, and a couple of tracks would work better as poems rather than songs.At 23 years of age, with 5 self-penned albums and 1 sublime album of covers under her belt, Thea’s canon is a formidable one! Why the hell had I never heard of Thea Gilmore before? Signing off now before the avalanche of superlatives crashes through my keyboard. Can’t recommend this highly enough!

  • Rupert Daviss:

    Review by Rupert Daviss for Avalanche
    Somewhere between a female Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello, but with the voice of an angel (albeit a seriously pissed-off one), Thea Gilmore is currently Britain’s best songwriter. And by a good few light years. “Avalanche” is her fifth album, and also her best, with Thea spitting vitriolic gobs of fire at the plasticity of modern culture and the resulting public apathy with fierce directness and an unflinching eye.
    Developing the soundscapes of her earlier “St Luke’s Summer” and “The Dirt Is Your Lover Now”, Thea and producer-extrodinaire Nigel Stonier add a layer of loops and effects to her usual chiming guitars and deceptively catchy tunes. “Pirate Moon” and the haunting title track ring with a sinister, trottled beauty – fluid and graceful, yet shot through with a creeping menace.
    “Mainstream”, meanwhile, and “Rags & Bones” (probably the best song she’s ever written) crackle with a barely-controlled rage, spiky and brutal as Thea goes for the throat. Then, sung in her most delicate, heartbreaking voice, “The Cracks” prophecises a forthcoming armageddon with more unflinching clarity of anything this side of “Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”.
    This is potent stuff: a landscape where religion is obsolete (“Have You Heard?”) and love a precarious thing (“Razor Valentine”); the young are listless and self-obsessed (“Juliet”) and the media calculatingly enforce this (“Heads Will Roll”).
    However, if all this sounds rather depressing (and it is – this is real life, mate), Thea’s level of passion, eloquence, anger and commitment mean that the songs are ultimately life-affirming and positive. This is real protest music for the 21st century, not the moany dirges of some jumped-up madam that are endlessly peddled elsewhere.
    Indeed, amid the corporate mush that passes for pop-music today (and don’t tell me Oasis isn’t as carefully packaged as Will Young or Avril Lavigne isn’t just Britney holding a guitar), finding such an inspired songwriter with something fundamentally important to say is remarkable. And that she does so with such eloquent lyrics and brilliant melodies is nothing short of miraculous.
    “Are you gonna swim the mainstream/or are you gonna make like lightning?” she demands halfway through the album, in a flick-knife voice. But she has already made her decision. And what spellbinding lightning it is. No amount of superlatives do this album justice. Believe me, it’s that good.

  • Jenn:

    Review by Jenn for Avalanche
    Thea’s music is awe inspiring and I love it. I am an american that has moved to the UK and I have never heard such raw talent and emotion from a song writer. Her music reachs out to you and grabs you..Her no bs sense of great style makes her a woman worth listening to..I have heard almost all of her Cd’s and this one is hot..She has something that other artist just dont seem to have..There is a lot of heart in her music and a quirky sense of humor is found in some of her lyrics. Ever hear one of those songs where you think hey that was written just for me well Avalanche by Thea Gilmore is a whole Cd full of those types of songs. She is very worth the time to check her out and try her music something about her is bound to fit you..

  • Alan Moore:

    Review by Alan Moore for Avalanche
    This is my first experience of Thea Gilmore – I bought the album after hearing just one track on the radio, and I think all the songs are brilliant. The music is so refreshingly different to most popular music, and Thea’s moods come over so well with each song. There’s melody, emotion, and some hauntingly good lyrics. Just brilliant!

  • Anonymous:

    Review by for Avalanche
    Thea’s latest album is easily a worthy successor to those that have gone before it. As one who was lucky enough to have a sneak peek at this album before the release date, I was already highly excited about hearing the latest view of the world from Thea, even before the amazing patchwork of musical colour hit my ears.Avalanche is another emotional rollercoaster of an album from Thea. Neither the music nor the words shock the listener; each seems to function as a vehicle for the other with little conflict of interest. The only track which this reviewer’s poor ear found difficult to appreciate was Pirate Moon, Track 6, and the stars of the album, along with the single Juliet (Keep That In Mind) are Razor Valentine and The Cracks.Thea Gilmore ought to be a regular visitor to everyone’s CD players, and Avalanche must surely be included – best Thea album yet? Maybe. Better yet to come? I hope so.

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